Sunday, February 22, 2009

Screw Socks and Shoes

Baby shoes are cute. I mean, all baby stuff is little, but shoes look like real-people shoes only wee, and somehow that means that baby shoes are, like, the cutest baby things of all. But they're a total waste of time. Socks, too.

Ok, maybe you have one of those babies who keeps very still and doesn't beat her feet against whatever her feet happen to be near, and so maybe your baby's socks and shoes stay on. Mine never did. And since Ben was a newborn in summer, it didn't matter, anyway. There is no earthly reason to put anything on a baby's feet except to keep them warm.

I had lots of socks and shoes, though. People buying baby presents love to buy socks and shoes. (Did I mention the cuteness?) And I loved getting them. Wee moccasins! Wee faux sneakers! Wee socks that look like wee sneakers! And I tried each and every pair, all of which either couldn't even be crammed onto his feet in the first place or fell off almost immediately.

Except the sock-mock, favored by all of Ben's household gods. Hanna Andersson makes them. Circo made wicked cute stripey ones last fall, but I haven't seen them since. I came across some other brand at a kids' boutique in Albany, but I can't remember the name.

He's gone all through the winter with nothing on his feet at home, and socko-mockos everywhere else. And people often exclaim over the cuteness of them -- and they are cute, the stripey ones especially, but the kelly green Hanna ones ain't too shabby -- and I always wonder at their never having seen them before. What do other people put on their babies' feet, when nothing else worked even a little for my kid?

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