Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dear Readers

I love Site Meter. I doubt you'll find my visitor data nearly so fascinating as I do, but I want to share some of it anyway.

Most of you are in the northeast US, which makes sense, because many of you are my real-life friends and family, and that's where I've always lived. But I have regular readers in Tennessee, Louisiana, California, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Slovakia, too. About a fifth of you have ISPs who don't share location data with Site Meter -- you could be anywhere, people of mystery!

The vast majority of you first arrived here having followed links from TPW, ISL (a private forum), or Facebook. A very small minority came from a Google search. Another small minority came from links in emails. And a growing number of you now arrive from "unknown," which I gather means either that your ISP is cagey or you've bookmarked me.

I get an average of nine visits per day, and the average visit lasts two minutes and 28 seconds. A significant number of visits show up as having lasted zero seconds, though, which I imagine is some kind of data glitch, so I'm guessing the real average is a bit longer. I've had 779 visits since the site went live in October.

Some of you leave via links, mostly to blogs on my "Mommish" list, which is great, because I love them all, and I'm delighted to provide them with traffic. Phantom Scribbler recently added me to her blogroll, for which I'm grateful -- I look forward to seeing folks arrive from there. If there are other parenting blogs you read and love, consider leaving a comment to recommend them.

Many of you I know I know (Hi, Carrie! Hi, Emily! Hi, Mom!). Some of you I believe I know (Hi, Diva! Hi, Zia! Right?). Most of you are question marks about whom I might make educated guesses, but really have no idea (Who's my faithful reader in Yorklyn, Delaware?). But I'm happy to see each and every one of you. Thanks for reading!


Dji said...

The rising unknowns could also include those who click on links in their RSS reader of choice. Those folks have gone beyond "bookmarker" to "subscriber".

Jennifer Larson said...

It was fun to read the stats! Want to help me figure out how to do that for my blog now? :) And by the way, hi from Tennessee!

emily said...

Hi Holly! Nora says hi too. Or something that sounded like that in babese.